Open-plan House Design by Hiroyuki Shinozaki

modest gabled-roof innovative japanese house design

From the outside, this open-plan house design look really modest, a particular gabled roof house architecture. But inside, the exterior really distinctive-innovative and bring new perspective of learn how to current lighting and space in just built-in unique framework, a Y-shaped wooden frames construction.

From the open-plan house inside design, Y-shaped structure bring innovative edge between space, and enable normal light insert the home with extraordinary result.

open-plan house new perspective architecture idea

modern interior Y-shaped wooden frames structure
stylish entrance interior design open-plan house
kitchenette entrance area unique house compartmentalized space
spacious interior design exposed Y-shaped structure
inovative inner-frame structure modern home design
exposed raw-structure whiteness interior japanese house

The Y-shaped wooden frames structure within this open-plan house design also has functions: to characterize interior, as unique decorative within the house, stylize the minimalist and open-plan interior.

Full the white kind of looks outside, which include the gabled-roof, the interior of this modern Japanese house also simple: exposed raw wooden of core structure, built-in furnishings for example kitchenette, and floor blend with whiteness partitions. This open-plan house is made by Hiroyuki Shinozaki.

compartmentalized space stylish house interior design
unique double-height columns house interior inspiration
light and border blend in this home design
stylish minimalisy attic room open-plan house
nicely house interior plan inspiration
unique mezzanine japanese house design
white modest exterior open-plan house design

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