Ori Lighting Design by Producks Design and Mika Barr


Ori lightning series is a offspring to a collaboration between Producks design studio and textile designer Mika Barr. The design starting point was Mika’s Folding Apart fabric. The fabric includes a special print on it that gives it an inner structure rendering it fold consistent with the printed pattern.

Description around the designers

The name comes on the word ‘Ori’ meaning folding in Japanese, and as well consists the word ‘Or’ which means light in Hebrew.

The idea behind Ori was to build a volume of light inside brand new manner also to make a whole new typology. The geometric cloud-like shapes are manufactured identically, however, Ori makes the consumer a part with the process, giving him the chance to interfere in the final design and share it an original shape. The shape could be changed time and time again.


The folding affects the shape when the light fixture is turned off and much more so when it’s turned on, giving the light many tones and shades. The light coming in the fabric also reveals the inner geometric structure printed on the inside on the fabric.


Ori is made from the closed pillow-like shape, whenever you have to replace the light bulb you just open the hidden zipper. The series is made of the pendant lamp, a floor lamp plus a table lamp. The lamps can be obtained for order through our website, and we’re now trying to find a manufacturer to have Ori into mass production.

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