Paper Cuts Decoration Ideas

Pop Culture Silhouettes 4

Some people – and figures – are so recognizable, you can easily teach who they may be just with the outlines of these brains. All it will take is usually several basic details, just like a hat, a necklace or even a specific hairstyle, to spot them. Others tend to be to a issue. See for your own services with artist Olly Moss’ ‘Paper Cuts’ cycle depicting figures from pop culture.

Pop Culture Silhouettes 3

Pop Culture Silhouettes 2

Pop Culture Silhouettes 5

Pop Culture Silhouettes 6

Silhouettes from popular motion pictures and television set shows vary from instantly identifiable to some bit more puzzling. Can you guess persons top characters by their ’90s hairstyles?

Pop Culture Silhouettes 7

Pop Culture Silhouettes 8
Cartoons, game characters and superheroes probably be easy and simple of all. Who couldn’t specify Mario and Luigi, The Joker, Superman, or even the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote?

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