Paris Luxury Apartment Design by Piet Boon


Paris Luxury Apartment is the masterpiece of Piet Boon, a substantial profile Dutch design organization. It is a excellent illustration of a present day Paris apartment. Piet Boon worked tough to transform two apartments into 1.

The two are connected via a tiny portal that is not simply obvious. They generate a flawless living expertise for a family of 5. Paris Luxury Apartment merges the designer’s vision with the homeowners’ wishes. It boasts an sophisticated, timeless style ideal for each formal and informal residing. It is constructed in this kind of a way that all the amenities are simply available.


Paris Luxury Apartment by Piet Boon is a sanctuary, a location to escape the quick-paced globe and every little thing in it. It flaunts a hushed color palette that adds to its subdued style. The hue creates a serene ambiance even though the contemporary furnishings pieces create the best setting for rest.

The owners’ adore for gorgeous art and equipment is evident throughout the apartment. Pieces of artwork and beautiful add-ons can be spotted in each and every area. They are grouped by shade and strategically positioned for the greatest result. Every space in the apartment has its very own accent color this kind of as yellow, purple, and red. Every is well-appointed and has an open come to feel.



Piet Boon is identified for producing properties that give a harmonious residing experience and showcase understated luxury. The company’s really like for superior constructing supplies is evident in this undertaking. Paris Luxury Apartment is genuinely the essence of contemporary living. Do you like the Paris Luxury Apartment?

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