Paris Tiny Apartment Design Ideas by H2O Architects

Alcoves, cubbies, and niches, oh my! This apartment in Paris began in the form of tiny, dark, cramped living area with far also a lot of doors and confines. H2O Architects turned it into an open, light-filled, airy home with abundant storage to the owner’s extensive variety of comics.

The Front and Back Apartment began out which has a mind-boggling six rooms squeezed into its small 60 sq. meters floor space. Too numerous doors and too many surfaces made the home feel even slighter than it definitely was.

Thanks to some series of movable walls, the apartment has become a fantastically open space. The walls all feature ample niches during which the owner’s group of comics, publications as well as other items can reside comfortably.

The reverse sides with the moving walls disguise services like a work space, a bathroom or perhaps closet. They could be shifted to improve the structure from the apartment or simply to grant the resident a meaningful lookup of his collections.

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