Pause Structure Design by Maurizio Prina

With each of the trappings of an common seashore shelter, this shade construction is really one method of developing cozy living area in just available ground plans – and an expression of out of doors peace in indoor regions.

Maurizio Prina will be an Italian industrial artist who developed Pause utilizing a southern European visible language of short-term structures, vibrant colorings and minimalist decoration.

It is intentionally work-unfriendly – a position of softness for sitting (or more likely) creating down, when leisure will become the sole possible form of activity. Side flaps may be altered to allow in lighting or make other items of gain access to.

“These days cosiness is often an extremely rare luxury, so I’ve considered about a place where anybody can relax, read, relax including have company. Where anybody can feel in the household. An “home on the inside a home”. This hut is made by modules created with colored cloth, developed more than an metal structure.You can adjust the hues and mix them. This name is really a declaration of intents and this carries a explanation in diverse languages: pause.”

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