Peninsula House Design Ideas


Timber recycling stalls out as the means of turning waste into operational products. It is often a procedure which was popularized during the first 1990s as troubles for instance deforestation and local weather change prompted both timber suppliers and customers to move to some more eco friendly timber source.

Recycling timber stands out as the environmentally friendliest model of timber construction and it is customary in countries just like Australia where provides of old wooden structures are plenty.

Peninsula House stands to be a fine model of these an Eco-friendly statement. Located around Victoria’s coastline, this solitary flooring house is built of as long as seventy five pct recycled timber.

A wooden skin shape enfolds two glazed pavilions separated by different stages but discussing a similar roof. A included entry area establishes the connection in between both opposite zones, exclusive and social.


The higher ceiling pavilion is exclusively destined to your sizable receptive place devoted to living, dining and your kitchen activities. Only a smaller toilet and as well a safe-keeping room are partitioned with the remainder in the social software. The lower height pavilion conceals the exclusive locations made up by two bedrooms which includes a contributed bathroom and also a tremendous sleeping quarters suite.



The term “glazed” is used to an extreme level: every one from the facades are generally composed with a glass wall that often transforms into sliding doors. Terraces and verandas surround complete perimeter from the Peninsula House giving just the right spot to digest the beach breeze in the nearly touchable coastline.

The constant module of the timber pillars converts this residence right into a modern temple… Its the white kind of painted interior surfaces enhance the sacred ambiance that activities indoors this recycled timber construction.



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