Personalized Mood Lighting Design by Claire Chauvin of Poopscape

If that you are wondering the way to turn with boxes or drawers overflowing with good outdated motion picture disadvantages, this clever project takes health care of them whilst giving your house a little bit of personalized mood lights.

The project, from Claire Chauvin of Poopscape, utilizes the ubiquitous (amongst IKEA lovers, anyway) IKEA Grono lamp. All you may need is certainly 1 of several under-$ ten lamps, some Mod Podge or other decoupage glue, plus a bunch of the old film negatives.

The negatives need to be easy sufficient to uncover if you’re a memory hoarder like the majority people. With pretty much everyone using digital images these days, the majority of many old negatives are already relegated to storage since you’ll be able to’t bear to component with them – they may be reminders of special times, naturally.

Before starting the project, you must absolutely transform your negatives to digital to help you to continually store onto the imagery. Then, stick to the comprehensive instructions around at Poopscape to make your unique personal one-of-a-kind photo negative lamp.

The finished project is truly stunning. The light shining with the negative strips brings the images to life and calls to mind old movie projectors and photography studios. Head over to Poopscape to the full, detailed instructions on making your very own film negative lamp.

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