Photography Subverts Gaming Scenes

game photograph distant shot

As enhanced game graphics make increasingly photo-reasonable spaces, tasks like this blur the boundaries among virtual and actual in perception-warping ways. Check and see for by yourself: how extended do you have to stare at each and every image to ascertain what factors comes from within the game and which ones are derived from daily actuality?

game photo virtual device

game photo rain image

Referencing Jean Baudrillard (of Simulacra and Simulation), gamer and photographer Benoit Paillé of Montreal, Quebec explains his aim to “overlay a material reality with a virtual 1, erasing the border in between the two worlds … to display that we can use a virtual space in conceptual photography and strategy these regions with the same sensitivity as the bodily area.”

game photo gta v

game photo device zoom

The method of creating Crossroads of Realities concerned meticulously capturing in-game scenes from Grand Theft Auto V, then simulating the very same circumstances (time of day, angle of light, conditions of weather) in a true photograph of a human hand holding an image-capturing device. These photos have been then hybridized into completed shots representing uncanny combinations of virtual and bodily reality.

game photo capture example

game photo upside down

game photo night shot

As to his inspiration: “It is a response to the proliferation of visual projects that consider place in virtual spaces. It is a questioning about the notion of border and territory. A mix of two distinct realities into a single image. I ask concerns about the legitimacy and the authorship of artwork developed this way.”

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