Piedmont Benches Design by David Edwards


Boasting an superb combination of elegance and utility, the Piedmont Benches by David Edwards are outstanding in all techniques. They are a far cry from standard benches that offer nothing in terms of comfort.

They have luxurious upholstery for highest comfort and sturdy legs for extreme stability. The benches supply option seating and are perfect for entertaining. They come in neutral colors and can be utilised the two indoors and out. They make a excellent fit for minimalist interiors.

The Piedmont Benches by David Edwards are hard-functioning pieces that can be utilized in each business and residential settings. They appear good in houses, office receptions, and even waiting rooms. They have metal bases, curved seat frames, and Velcro-connected bolsters that can be used as headrests.

If you love special furnishings pieces or are hunting for the excellent outdoor sitting spot, get 1 of these benches. When your friends come in excess of, you can entertain them in a special way. Following they depart, you can attach the bolster and consider a nap. The benches provide ample space for comforting and socializing in a carefree method.


Benches utilized to make us consider of public spaces and picnics in the park. This is no longer the situation. Designers have created benches that provide new kinds of public seating and avant-garde appears for the property.

One fantastic illustration is the Piedmont Benches. They are the masterpieces of Scott Mason and are made for brightening up spaces. Why not get a few Piedmont Benches and offer your visitors with distinctive, option seating?

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