Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto Wall Design


Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto have developed the Wall of Memory tied for your cloistered monastery of S.Gemma Galgani in Lucca, Italy.

Such an different theme to get a undertaking is amazingly intriguing and fascinating for an architect, owing to each the respect essential for the purchasers as well as the symbolic cost that represents an architecture of this genre.

The wall of storage originated with the wishes with the enclosed nuns of S.Gemma to possess a room or living space when they can don’t forget and pray for their deceased sisters, by means of method of an way which, inside of the task, is symbolized with the tectonic language on the wall.


The wall of Rapolano travertine, which conceived like a “rationalist seashell” unwinds from your access towards finish with the route, marking in prepare and elevation the mark of memory, wherever by by the verticality in the stone represents the contrast in between most recent and current.

The contrast concludes inside a rectangle space towards the stop in the route, “Sancta Sactorum”, using a cypress sapling in its centre, a properly proportioned shrub culminating skywards coupled the path of prayer.


The position in which the wall is located is witout a doubt in alone the “Genius Loci”, which represents the existence with the Monastery of S.Gemma, with its in the area veggie back garden where the nuns function the land and harvest what you have sown, with its cloister where the nuns stroll, understand and pray. The project is really a kind of homage to the nuns, who, serenely and joyfully, have gone for to dedicate their existence to the rest with Christian devotion.


Architect: Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto
Photography: Mario Ciampi

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