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historic preservation prentice ideas

The Prentice Women’s Hospital developing at Northwestern University has some severe fans, including a variety of architects including Frank Gehry, Robert Venturi, Tadao Ando, Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, who would want to find out it preserved.

The wide open question: could be the exterior of adequate historical benefit to keep, whether or not this means developing up through, previously mentioned and/or around it?

historic new tower answer

While a wonder of structural engineering with an iconic shape, the structure purely will not be realistic or fit-to-purpose anymore. One daring proposal from Studio Gang Architects (illustration by Jay Hoffman) requires adding dozens of upper stories, and practically a million square feet, although taking out from the shell in the first intact.

historic mirrored facade idea

A scheme by Cyril Marsollier and Wallo Villacorta received a opposition to would propose choices with another approach – 1 which allows 1 / 2 in the creating to get absorbed by the new structure, while reflecting another half – utilizing a mirror-image influence to preserve the complete appearance via a somewhat ingenious and nuanced illusion.

historic authentic humorous proposals

Critics exist on equally sides. Some say this proposal strips away considerably on the building and its context that what’s quit is actually metaphorically (not just literally) a shell. Others suggest that any solution bends too far toward impracticality to accommodate an arguably unattractive building (many consider it an eyesore). Humorists like LunchBreath have weighed in at the same time, as viewed above.

historic preservation proposal rendering

Meanwhile, the university once more won’t seem keen on considering preservation options, so these concepts, while compelling, could well be moot inside long run. Still, the High Line in New York is really an awesome case in point of how enough public pressure and celebrity support can alter the thoughts of the complete city, and perhaps a private institution as well.

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