Pretty Recycled Eco-Friendly Furnishings

1 gradient table

It’s incredible what can be done with resources that some folks view as trash. Designer Eli Chissick saves scraps of wood veneer from the floor of a carpentry studio, then meticulously repurposes them into beautifully crafted furniture. His Gradient table is a fantastic instance of his work, displaying many diverse varieties of “scrap” wood arranged in a gradual colour gradient.

2 gradient table

Ten distinct types of wood are utilized in the unique table, arranged from darkest to lightest. Chissick’s procedure preserves the organic grain and beauty of each and every person piece of wood.

eli chissick recycled wood gradient table

Chissick, a talented designer, artist, and carpenter, made an complete line of furniture based mostly on the notion of conserving wood scraps and providing them new life. Each and every piece of furnishings in the “Wood-con-fusion” series is a a single-of-a-type function of artwork with its very own distinctive persona.

eli chissick recycled wood gradient table

The series of rescued wood pieces come from Chissick’s passionate belief in sustainable design and style. He sees the attractiveness and likely in what other individuals would feel of as waste, transforming every piece into a new materials that is then made into large high quality and inimitable furnishings.

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