Private House Extension Design Ideas


To preserve the secret intimacy within the Victorian property garden – This was the popular reason powering the task that I’m going to teach you. In London, UK a discrete property extension was developed so that you can develop a feeling of unity among the exterior garden plus the first property.

The new artwork extends and opens up the basement standard towards the backyard room. What changed with this particular quite small gesture? In the beginning, the garden’s view was very limited as well as a common chance to reach it absolutely was because of a utility space based between the basement as well as the ground ground.

By excavating and forcing back the basement, a meaningful lounge space merges when using garden, giving a energetic qualifications towards the conventionally darker space through a totally glazed wall.


Moreover, the garden’s flooring level is slightly raised on the basement featuring a concrete floor floor terrace excellent for out of doors seating and planting. A wooden bar table extends the garden’s floor level towards inside space in which timber shading positioned previous it products additional sunshine to the basement level.



The new kitchen and cabinetry are painted in bright white in making best use on the daylight while the fire wood flooring invokes the organic mood that irradiates from the colorful garden crops. An extraordinary tectonic dialogue is started between the old brick pattern with the Victorian house hold as well as the concrete walls of the revolutionary extension. The historical garden usually enjoy its new companion: a modern soft wind of healthy surroundings generally flow within this updated Victorian developing.







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