Project 910 Interior Design by Kiko Salomao


Kiko Salomao have created the internal of Project 910, an house located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. “It can’t be Commercial . That was one issue explained by your young husband and wife that own this apartment when we’ve acquired our earliest gathering and the truly get in addition to this corporation’s method of working. From that moment on we understood that this work would have solid potentials to become exclusive.


The commencing position was the primary entry entrance. A not stainable screen, originated from greatly advanced influences and which, heading towards end, weighed one particular lot.


From the entrance and throughout all another details, the assignment moves with the modern towards the contemporary, but always within the minimalist premisses of our firm.


From the architecture, internal design to home furniture design, decoration and art, our firm was targeted on setting up a precisely detailed, original and timeless assignment.



Designers | Architects : Kiko Salomao

Photography by: Alain Brugier

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