PuLSaTe Tile Design by Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent


Architects Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent come about to be commissioned by Capitol Designer Studio to style an original pop-up set up in London called PuLSaTe, using their tiles to the design.

Capitol Designer Studio presents PuLSaTe: an original set up by Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent using Marazzi’s SistemN tiles. Capitol Designer Studio (CDS) has commissioned Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent to develop a pop-up installation in Primrose Hill to present people just what’s possible utilizing a porcelain floor tile.


Mark Williams, London Sales Director at CDS said: “Lily Jencks may be the best inspiring man or women I have actually satisfied. Her understanding of area and kind are absolutely enlightening. The SistemN tile is definitely a beautiful, but quite easy, understated item. I thought that if we put both together, we could produce a thing exclusive.” He was appropriate. In collaboration with fellow architect Nathanael Dorent, Lily has developed an amazingly striking place.


Lily explains that there’s two concepts inside the installation: “One is all about conception – how we perceive distances and shapes; and make perception of place. The other is all about learn how to showcase an item that’s for sale; we wanted the room being greater than simply a showroom merchandising tiles; to rethink the commercial business deal as some thing much extra creative.”


The 1st strategy was stimulated by Op Art and Gestalt psychology. Pulsate results in a feeling of strengthened perspective and consequently will draw people in to the living space. Nathanael says: “We decided to work with 1 method of tiles in 1 dimension and 4 colours.

It’s just an easy herringbone design, but we’ve used it in a few dimensions, to set-up just one thing genuinely eye popping.” Lily adds: “What’s entertaining concerning the SistemN will probably be the subtle array of color. To try out the really vivid thrilling perceptual structure, we go from darkish to easy to dark in a very gradient, being a pulsating wave, that’s in which the label comes from.”


And due to the fact that the pattern and framework are so securely interrelated, there exists zero-tolerance for error – in the event the structure adjusted by even one millimetre, the pattern wouldn’t normally work. So they needed to pay out for extremely close attention to each and every element to have it just appropriate.


The causing space will probably be considered a ‘cultural hub’. Nathanael says: “We got the thought of your shop not being only a sensible space for consumption, but much more about architecture and event. The ground is sloped, and benches are designed on the structure, so you’re certainly not really certainly what you’re thinking about.

People can sit and employ a discussion, lie in just the slope, or check out what they are reading about. We hope this would often be a location where commerce will not likely only be about selling but about swapping information, and 9 weeks is long enough that things can really happen here.” A programme of events, like lectures, product launches and style shoots, will begin while using launch event on 21st March 2013.


Architects: Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent

Photography: Hufton + Crow

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