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Architecture need to always take care of premises of transparency and movement… I’m sharing a house that’s are able of capturing the transform of months in the quite discrete way.

In Woerden, The Netherlands, an exceptional three-story constructing, which includes a whole floor part of 200sqm, testifies a real fine achievement: Quay House. How does this contemporary Dutch architecture works? Let’s untie this amazing domestic puzzle.

The house is located next to a covered parking and adjacent towards the water. The front door accessibility is made up of the major tips that stood behind the conception of Quay House: a ramp kindly receives inhabitants and prospects turning the exploration of this little building right into a truly magical route.

The distribution of this system follows this dynamic spatial get inflicted by your distinct circulation elements: a hall area reserves room with a smaller toilet as well as the access towards basement grade where a car port plus a specialized room are put.



An amenable room or living area conceals every one in the cultural areas: the kitchen zone is made by your staircase that contributes for the best floor, developing an informal separation between the having lived and dining rooms. On the upper level, two bedrooms along with a bathroom are separated from the next unprejudiced living space by your staircase and its surrounding mezzanine space that offers natural gentle for the middle from your home.

And this quest for interior natural light contributes on the transparency issue: the exterior cladding substance consists at a slatted wall structure where horizontal axis performs a key role for shading and privacy prerequisites. White painted surfaces enhance the shadows and lightness on the inside this domestic architectural masterpiece…





* More info at Inarchitecten

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