Quirky Contemporary Chair Furniture Design by The Dondolo


Modern chair design  idea by Rossi di Albizzate

This will be essentially the most extraordinary piece of  furnishings. The Dondolo Rocking Chair is definitely modern, it appears rather comfortable and certainly gives the feelings it will be enjoyment make use of. But, has it been elegant? Well the solution for it is quite frankly no! But it’s got other attractions.

Modern chair design in red

Designed by Arch Pio e Tito Toso for Rossi di Albizzate, the Dondolo is essentially a cycle of strange modern day rocking chairs. The chair frame is internal and manufactured out of plywood. This is then padded using a dense layer of gentle molded ‘Rofoam’ and finally wrapped in delicate Dacron Dupont ® material. An oscillating varnished steel plate gives the chair’s rocking support.

Futuristic chair design

The basic sort of this wacky rocking chair looks being a shorter flab banana or possibly a squat cartoon fashion moon. These similarities are most obvious interior yellow type. Its curved design has clearly been guided within the chair’s essential rocking function, there aren’t any distinguish arms or head rest the design is built for just one organic variety which sits on an unobtrusive rocking base.

Outdoor chair design

The appearance of this quirky contemporary rocking chair is usually altered by changing its textile protect. These are easily removed for washing and obtainable in vary of plain wool fabric or possibly a Lycra blend. There may also be leather-based or faux leather reproductions but these would not have detachable addresses. The fabric variants are obtainable in lots of bright saturated colors.

If you’d probably like a a lot more serious version of this unusual seating system there may be also a Superdondolo by identical designer.

This Quirky Contemporary Rocking Chair is from the Advance Line Collection

Dondolo chair design

If you’ll choose to take a look at more illustrations of unusual modern furniture the Dondolo Rocking Chair is often a smallish portion of Rossi di Albizzate’s Advance Line series.

Thiscolorful and memorable collection includes 21 separate furniture designs and also a total of 160 highly impressive goods. This variety is proving extremely popular and has attained world-wide recognition. The primary features of this furniture line are it’s: gentle chunky forms, rounded edges, and an emphasis on bright colors.

The collection features a playful high quality as has already been noticed from the quirky contemporary rocking chair. A area intended around the sort of furniture would use a youthful mild hearted quality. In simple fact these items could be ideal in the child’s playroom or perhaps funky teenage bedroom.

Stylish furniture design by Rossi di Albizzoti

The Outdoor Line is Rossi di Albizzate’s range of furniture adapted for use in the garden, about the veranda or round a pool. This includes a tougher version in the Dondolo rocking chair made particularly to resist exterior use.

So if this amusing piece of furniture ‘floats your boat’ you might appreciate it inside or outside, there’s even a smallish coordinating glass prime table to move while using rocking chair.

Modern chair design

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