Residential Building with 7 Apartments Design by Synthesis Architecture Ltd

Synthesis Architecture Ltd | Residential constructing with seven apartments

This assignment in Bucharest manages to produce a tiny collective housing program under a minimal budget, proposing a meaningful method of living along which includes a meaningful urbanistic strategy for that questionable neighbourhood.

Synthesis Architecture Ltd | Residential developing with 7 apartments

Difficult location and difficult restrictions
This undertaking is positioned close on the middle section of Bucharest inside a quite problematic context. It is usually a legitimate slum pretty much unchanged in the years, almost abandoned by your Bucharest’s administration and planners, but positioned right next towards the Plumbuita Park, that has a beautiful lake and a significant Orthodox monastery.

Since the starting inside style and style process, we faced most from the conflicting data: a usual dense slum plot, with an (city?) existence that occasionally bursts overly serious for what a public living spot / personal space / community ought to be, versus the huge likely on the excellent natural setting. Due to these circumstances, the decisions we took above the design attempted to resolve this paradoxical equation.

Synthesis Architecture Ltd | Residential building with 7 apartments

The challenge narrative begins when the owner (a younger lady) decides to spend on the plot of 282 sqm. Initially, the City Hall planner’s proposal was an city answer illustrating an indifferent replica on the Bucharest distinct wagon-house. But for this kind of land, while making use of beginning of 6.6 m and time-span of 42 m, that could mean compromising any partnership that has a feasible courtyard and also a completely non-practical building, impossible to produce and, later on on, to sale.

Urbanfront and courtyards: towards a whole new morphology
First of all, the proposal we produced was a radical typological adjust: inside of the metropolitan wagon-house, into a system made by 2 split volumes. Therefore, with out modifying the density with the spot, that is, keeping unchanged the neighborhood metropolitan density parameters, this new typological selection came with the redistribution from the built regions rather on vertical than about the horizontal direction.

With this operation we secured a tiny footprint, producing in extra compact volumes every single and every using a larger courtyard. Even even though additional conventional and higher, these two volumes are certainly additional functional method original single fullness wagon-house of approx. five x 31 m could happen to get. Moreover, both volumes understand a right relationship with their courtyards area.

By using the entire width from the land, the proportions of these courtyards made possible the environment group of all necessary parking places, with no requirement for underground parking and thereby a basement amount with all its cost-effective implications for this kind of little investment.

Finally, this typological change is recommended to often be a prospective pilot intervention with the area, as being a way to persuade a much more efficient long run urban morphology. This could lead to an optimistic (but not utopical) case of gaining comparable investments, and potentially it may assistance the urban slums of Plumbuita in getting out on the socio-urban collapse, which can be presently in.

 � Cosmin Dragomir

Synthesis Architecture Ltd | Residential building with 7 apartments

In volumetric and functional terms, both periods are almost similar. The only notable variation stalls out as the place flooring in 1st prevent, that stands closer for the street, leaves a gangway gain access to to help the courtyard along with the next block that’s located in the stage with the plot. Except the soil floor from the very very very 1st one, each amount from both chunks is made up of one master bed room residence with a built part of approx. 68 sqm. That is, a entire of 7 apartments.

Synthesis Architecture Ltd | Residential building with 7 apartments

Expression and elements

The general expression on the facades was selected for two explanations. The first is usually a practical one: the should safeguard the privacy of the apartments, provided the modest range (10 m) in concerning two apartments located all over or between the building and its neighbors.

The second motive resulted from processing the vertical timber fence pattern, that is omnipresent in the context of the slums. Also, the vertical louvers (local stained pine slats connected to metal frames) have been chosen for their better maintenance, when matched against horizontal ones.

Synthesis Architecture Ltd | Residential building with 7 apartments

Synthesis Architecture Ltd | Residential building with 7 apartments

Synthesis Architecture Ltd | Residential building with 7 apartments

As previously said, the materials and technologies needed have pursued the success of this tiny investment. There were employed regular engineering techniques (masonry and strengthened concrete floor frames) straightforward finishes and computer saavy solutions.

The principal intention of this undertaking was for us the right response on the context demands, but in addition to our youthful client’s demands. However, this involved an make an effort to produce a generic example of tips on how to develop intelligently within a contradictory but simulative context, due on the fact it truly is the common Bucharest slums.

Synthesis Architecture Ltd | Residential building with 7 apartments

Exterior Materials:
1 – Decorative plaster – bright white, black and purple colors
2 – Windows with UV magnifying glaas and PVC systems – white colouring
a variety of – Wooden panels with metal frames

Interior Materials:
1 – Plasters, grouting, washable paints – amenable and pastel colors
2 – Natural and laminate parquet flooring, tiles
a variety of – Granular marble coating with resin – for the stairs

1 – Concrete pavement tiles
2 – Plastic paving grids program
3 – Wooden panels with steel frames
4 – Gravel and soil

Location: Tamaioarei 15, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania
Architect: Synthesis Architecture Ltd
Project name: Residential building with 7 apartments
Land area: 282 sqm
Built area: 560 sqm
Design architect: arch. Panteli Mourgka
Structure: Contrust Group Ltd
HVAC: AD Clima Consult Ltd., DD Eurocom Ltd.
Builder: Sagex Ltd
Client: Mrs. Dorina Petre
Project: 2009 – 2010
Execution: 2010 – 2011
Text by: Panteli Mourgka
Photos by: Cosmin Dragomir

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