Reuters Headquarters Architecture Design by 16k Architectes


16k Architectes have repaired the Reuters Headquarters in Paris utilizing HI-MACS ® to build a sequence of curvaceous seating areas.

Situated in Paris, in the splendid Haussmann building, the Reuters headquarters has undergone complete refurbishment of its foyer, reception, mother board space, cafeteria, restaurant and middle indoor garden, which was handled through the French studio 16k architectes.

Specializing during the outfitting, refurbishing and transformation of business office spaces, top of your head offices and business restaurants, this number of architects aimed right the following at creating high-performance communal areas, while using usage of long-lasting, hard-wearing materials, exclusively repellent to fire, but more innovative, by way of the pliability and styling.

A must-have for architects and inside designers, HI-MACS ® was once once more the selection stuff to the implementation of this esteemed Parisian task. This fabric the truth is boasts a host of benefits, at the same time aesthetic and chemical also it had been thus utilized here to produce the reception table plus the pods making up the lingering location.

One with all the primary standards because of this assignment was the usage of sturdy fabric which was specifically fire resistant, so as to comply while using relevant wellbeing polices. HI-MACS® and its M1 classification – non flammable – complied with this particular necessity perfectly.

The architects had been also obtained with its thermoformability consequently its capability to set-up probably the most first patterns. The pods function voluptuous and delicate shapes, all rounded, imparting the hanging around area a feeling of conviviality.

Indeed, HI-MACS ® is suitable for the main receiving area or ready room wherever one particular is forced to cross the time, seeing that this is really a hot and silky sleek material, and that is particularly pleasant to consequence and therefore hugely captivating. The architects picked the color white-colored supplied by HI-MACS ®, as a result of its light-weight refraction quality, which can make the physical place considerably brighter.

These quite a few qualities make this Solid Surface the best material for outfitting the sophisticated controls of this Haussmann building, specifically the reception lobby and transit zones. Featuring an Oriental and spectacular style with 1930s inspiration, the vegetation is imposing here, having a sizable variety of palm trees and shrubs which form just one complete with the pods created from HI-MACS ®. This creates for any reputable landscape effect which opens up new points of views and new motions in space.

Architects: 16k architectes
Photographer: 2SW
Material: HI-MACS ®

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