Rieteiland House Design by Hans van Heeswijk Architects


Hans van Heeswijk Architects have developed the Rieteiland House in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Rieteiland House was created using a plot of land which is section of your freshly established island at IJburg around the outskirts of Amsterdam inside Netherlands. It inquired for just a residence which is completely orientated around the panoramic views for that park along with the landscape.


The boxlike street facade is completely cladded with perforated horizontal aluminium panels, of which some can receptive automatically to generate way for the windows behind them. The facade about the waterside is completely made away from glass sheets and sliding doors.


The residence is usually an alongated rectangular obstruct of three surfaces plus a basement. Inside, the space literally opens up. Most on the floors possess a double hight and so are open. In using this method your home may be seen being a type of spatial grandstand. By this on every tier a panoramic look at is designed towards the west, the water and also the park.

Every night with home magnificent sunsets may be watched. This translates into a special holiday like environment. In the core of your home, a three floors high service block/tower contains toilets on each floor, storage spaces, installation shafts plus a dumbwaiter.


Apart with the house also a lot from the furniture was designed especially because of this project. Special attention could have been given to sustainability and saving energy. A frigid and heat pump, thermal energy storage and solar collectors are employed because of this goal.




Architects: Hans van Heeswijk Architects
Photography: Imre Csany/Csany Studio

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