Rolha Side Table Furniture Design by Goncalo Campos


Portuguese supplement custom Goncalo Campos has created the Rolha aspect table. Cork is usually an incredibly special material with qualities that allow it to become perfect for lots of technical applications, while being environmentally sustainable, reason why it’s seen an incredible appreciation from the final number of years.

Most of its harvesting and production can also be based in Portugal, due on the specifically favorable local weather to it’s growth, along with the deep lifestyle in using cork within the best incredible applications; inspiring rituals and specific tools which happen to be kept by generations.


“Rolha”, (Portuguese for that cork stopper utilized in wine bottles), can be a side table inspired by considered just one of those rituals, essentially the most recognisable and era old of all, the uncorking of your fine wine.

This table is made up by quite simple aspects. A solid, turned cork major and a few turned wood legs, fitted which includes a screw, similar towards the ones employed to uncork traditional wine bottles.


By simply twisting the legs within the cork top (in a really really familiar motion), this table can certainly be assembled which has no tools. Thanks for the amazing mechanised attributes of cork, this elementary action is enough to remain your table sturdy and stable.

This is often a project that uses cork for its bodily and aesthetic properties, you might say that respects the history, traditions and rituals associated to the material, while emphasizing it’s aesthetic qualities.



Designer: Goncalo Campos

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