Runnymede Residence Design by Kyla Bidgood


This quirky character filled home exhibits that you can save a dull beige spec house from the sad fate of dullness. The owners, a dynamic innovative couple, located the new modern and open home flawlessly sized and situated on the island of Victoria. And through their collaboration with Kyla Bidgood, they designed a lively comfy and colorful interior.

You will see that the second you phase by way of the front door. A wall of teal graphic creatures of the forest, sea and meadow greets you. A walnut (my favored wood) chest with slatted doors holds your keys while you assist oneself to the candy jar.


Living, dining, and kitchen combine and share the day light of nearly an entire wall of windows and glass filled doors. Even the stair is guarded by clear glass, a sensible room expanding trick. Silvery chocolate prominently grained wood floors unite the room. The chocolate tones are repeated in a squared steel framed fire place. The frame is filled with copper and bark colored and metallic narrow horizontal tiles.

Encounter to encounter creamy present day sofas float on polished chrome barely there legs and offer wonderful contrast to the sapphire blue wall. A pair of tweedy covered mid-century modern chairs, a stripey rug, and a coffee table, note the repeated slats, all add that need to have texture.


The central dining location sports activities a wood topped and steel legged table with eight royal blue upholstered chairs on ever so sophisticated brushed steel frames.




Designer: Kyla Bidgood
Photography courtesy of Kyla Bidgood.

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