Sam’s Creek House Design by Bates Masi Architects


Bates Masi Architects have intended Sam’s Creek, found in Bridgehampton, New York.

We are living from some time in which sensible phones and tablets are in everyone’s fingers and multitasking could be the usual method of lifetime. Influenced from your client’s multitasking chosen life style, a diverse set of needs developed for just a whole new dwelling.

The people, 1 among whom stands out as the proprietor from a public relations company, requested that a number of hobbies could consider place over the home with out interruption; a dinner blowout could have place when concurrently entertaining a array of children, or customers could can come and go without disturbing the remainder with the household.

These programmatic requests diagrammatically divide the website in addition to set up see corridors from front to back. Transparency with the home applies simultaneous things to do on display, and delivers a establishing in which company can see and be noticed.


A collection of open-ended packing containers, every single tailored to some part within the architectural software concentrates the view within the street nevertheless the home towards landscape within the back. Mahogany boards wrap floors, ceilings, and walls to heighten the perspectival view and offer solitude from neighbors.

Each container has unbiased audio, video, and local weather handle to perform autonomously along with the length, height, and size of every container is adjusted to appropriately encase this method. Interstitial spaces concerning the organized bins are gardens and patios. The overlap with the boxes creates thresholds that mouse-over useful moments. With just about every field occupying a particular software, the multitasking of various events is achieved.


With a confined supplies palate, travertine is needed as flooring to the terraces and as cladding on portions with the open-ended boxes. To make use of the stone for being an exterior cladding, a custom hanging system was created.

The travertine siding is captured along at the most known and bottom part with a CNC cable formed style and overlapped from the next lessons on top of.The proportion and repetition in the siding sources the wooden shingle vernacular ubiquitous in areas.


The fireplace merges a utilitarian item plus a crafted, sculptural work of science. The fireplace conceals a moment frame, supporting lateral loads to permit for your great open-ended level with the eating and located space. It also buildings a coat wardrobe along with the HVAC factors. The overlapping, rehearsing bronze elements have been digitally fabricated and assembled on internet web page.

Different patina procedures were studied create the dim bronze facing the space along with the polished bronze for the internal on the hood. Sunlight from above is reflected with the polished bronze and filters by way of the gaps from the overlapped construction. Similar construction procedures were employed to make the master bedroom headboard utilizing rehearsing strips of belting leather.


The separation of plan into personal volumes lets the multitasking lifestyle in the clients to persist into their home. Where multitasking using a day-to-day basis can look like chaotic, a fresh rule is developed by your architecture. The client’s new home lets them to maintain with their active lifestyle whilst also providing respite from it.


Architect: Bates Masi Architects

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