Seaview House Design by Parsonson Architects


Parsonson Architects have designed the Seaview House in Wellington, New Zealand.The site sits just under the road facing east, looking across the botanical gardens out to Wellington Harbour.

The new residence accommodates a sizable family of several grow old individuals around 3 levels, with mother and father and young children’s bedroom upstairs, aged children’s bedrooms along with a swimming pool inside the bottom level amount and several different having lived spaces in among about the second level, laid out to seize views and all evening sun.


Two main gestures setup the structure in the house; outer portions of pitched corrugated iron roofs wrap and frame the house, these suit within the building envelope and develop a partnership while using the existing residences from the area, while a flat roofed lightly shaped wooden clad part operating among the pitched roofs houses the garage, bedrooms and pool.

The relationship involving these two gestures creates varying geometries and spaces with differing characters, materials and levels of light.







Architects: Parsonson Architects

Photography – Paul McCredie

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