Siberian Home Decoration Ideas with 30,000 Bottle Caps

The Siberian taiga is really a major stretch of land that’s really sparsely populated. Homes could be many kilometers besides a single another, with neighbors not often understanding one another. In this beautiful but lonely landscape, one older woman keeps herself occupied which includes a decidedly creative hobby.

Olga Kostina lifestyles whilst during the rural Russian town of Kamarchaga. For many years, she preserved and collected the colorful cosmetic caps that occur on soda bottles. Once Olga amassed a number of thousand caps, she commenced her work: decorating her home and all-all-around outbuildings with all the bits of plastic material.

Olga nails each and every bottle cap towards the buildings herself. As she arranges them, styles and photos emerge. Some from the murals are regular colorful motifs while some depict the many wildlife that reside around her house.

All told, Olga has employed around 30,000 bottle caps on her buildings so far. She continues to incorporate towards murals and hopes to 1 morning wholly cover every surface of every building on her property.

These mosaics carry folk martial art to somewhat of a total new level, mingling recycling with old fashioned photos to build anything entirely new. That Olga is going to set-up pictures this detailed and colorful using only plastic bottle lids is often a testament to her ingenuity and determination.

This creative woman’s projects haven’t gone unnoticed – her property is now one thing of the attraction for all living in the region. With an unlimited supply of bottle lids and bare surfaces be effective with, there’s no telling what Olga could provide you with. It could well be awesome to work out every home in her village blanketed in the same art 1 time of day.

Images by means of Reuters/Ilya Naymushin

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