Single Gable Roof Minimalist House Design by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

minimalist small house design stylish architecture

Simple though stylish minimalist modest property design with individual gable roofing built next to port of Gothenburg, Sweden. This minimalist small home is makeover of 50’s cottage. Both indoor and out of doors wrapped with plywood. The exterior covered with black pine tar. The roofing along with other design material and supporting elements, for instance aluminum gutters also painted in black.

Inside, the internal design constructed with plywood and as well for cladding. From threshold to flooring has raw organic firmness plywood surface location. This minimalist small house’s internal also has straightforward outline. The house separated into two huge internal components.

First is large room for living location and your kitchen. Second part consists of big hallway that also use as living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Certain home furniture including kitchen, bench, built-in, unite with your house design. There is likewise attic space obtained division of this minimalist small house roof. And for outdoor space, big outdoor patio terrace built. Designed by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur.

black exterior minimalist small house single gableroof
black-pine-tar exterior coating minimalist small house
simple window opening minimalist small house exterior
built-in bench living interior minimalist small house
plywood construction and cladding interior small house
living-kitchen interior natural plywood surface
raw exposed tone color small house interior
minimalist small house-plan simple outline

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