Skyline House Design by Dick Clark Architecture


Dick Clark Architecture have lately completed the Skyline House in Austin, Texas. On a sloping site in West Lake Hills, this property slides in among mature Live Oaks to build a powerful connection to nature and establish an original sense of area.

The form on your home is long and linear, following the organic topography with the website and directing the perspective towards impressive views of downtown Austin. A stretch of sliding magnifier doors pockets completely on the walls, making a 40’ wide opening between the living area and out of doors spaces.

Stucco, stone and zinc make a healthy and low-maintenance exterior, while floor-to-ceiling glass and deep overhangs create spaces which can be each dramatic and comfortable. From the grey porcelain tile floors for the extensive black walnut built-ins, home was designed and detailed that they are easygoing and flexible. The result is usually a house that options equally well for just a sizable party regarding a quiet second taking inside the sunrise.






Architects: Dick Clark Architecture

Photography: Paul Bardagjy

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