Sleek Self-Contained Kitchen Design by Valcucine

Everything you would like inside a kitchen’s, from devices to cooking implements, is at your fingertips – yet quickly away from sight – within this smart all-in-one kitchen design. The Logica Kitchen System by Italian kitchen corporation Valcucine offers a place for absolutely all it is possible to think about, and also sliding electrical cord systems for little appliances like toasters and mixers.

Valcucine painstakingly explored the ways whereby we interact with this kitchens, determining one of the most effective possible layout for optimum comfort and organization. The system consists from a work surface with sinks and burners and an ‘equipped back again portion’ that could be put towards the wall or utilized within an island while in the middle with the room.

This back section is fitted with plate, knife and bottle racks, hooks for utensils, and safe-keeping room for virtually every kitchen apply you’ll be able to think of and also a cooker hood, monitor and adjustable sockets. Small storage compartments hold gear like spices.

The best part is, when you’re not when employing the kitchen, you possibly can easily pull down the sliding cabinet doors for the clean look that’s entirely clutter-free.

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