SlingsHot Tea Cup Design by Samir Sufi

Have you had an experience where you troubled oneself with tea handbag when making your morning tea? It is troublesome to pull and dip it inside the hot water in the cup without getting to splash the water and with no water having to catch your portions of this hands.

Some even would splash the hot water into their shirt or perhaps accidentally drop and break the teacup. Today, many thanks to Samir Sufi, you won’t be again to face frustrating tea bag. Now you possibly can have much extra fun whilst making morning tea.

Teacup SlingShot by Samir Sufi (3)

This teacup design is extraordinary since it helps you sort of slingshot the tea bag by simply pulling it back and dips it again. This is thanks on the edge near the handle of this cup that can hold the tea bag when you’re pulling it. The name is The SlingsHOT Tea Cup.

The shape is often a lttle bit different in the everyday ordinary tea cup. You can simply squeeze the tea when you dip it into this cup. This way you are able to gain more tea is derived your tea bag. It is simply an ideal addition for a kitchenware and to your kitchen appliances. Modern design plus much more function, I would definitely want one.

Teacup SlingShot by Samir Sufi (2)
Teacup SlingShot by Samir Sufi (3)

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