Smizany Art School Design by Atrium

Atrium | Art college Smi �any

A home like kids’s developing periods

The complete challenge was initiated by an American sponsor of Slovak basis who chosen to offer this school like something for youthful people in his indigenous place. As donated money could hardly protect all costs, it had been important to realize greatest with minimum expense.

The Art School is located inside the center inside town Smizany, inside area where the former “teacher’s house” stood. The making completely occupies an entire ground, it copies its size and contours. The making is accessible at the same time within the primary sq. down with a street with the river. The composition reflects the village routine scale, historic backdrop and performance.

The intention would be to capture children’s reactions and children’s world (presented in size, color, freedom inside the object) so to produce “their own school”. The task was also to communicate a unique autonomy from your making with regard to time and social connections.

Atrium | Art school Smi �any

Atrium | Art school Smi �any

At the outset from the pattern undertaking our business experienced a problem of tips on how to “enter“ the present city structure – should we preserve, stabilize, stimulate or provoke it? We found assist in a very full cultural and historic custom in the Spis  region and its capacity to allow and take up several architectural styles considering that before the Middle Ages. And it turned out to be just this theory of liberation that appeared because the best best suited method within our work.

Atrium | Art school Smi �any

The Art School is intended being a “kit” for developing children’s talents. It is really a arranged of “big blocks” or “containers” assembled like children’s toy. The largest light container is located in the principle square and this residences a multipurpose hall.

In the side street you will find small blocks housing particular branches of study: the orange box – dancing, the blue – hiburan along with the environmentally friendly – painting. Classrooms for songs lessons are situated along adjoining land. The whole complicated is associated with a corridor or “passage” from which all school physical activities might be seen. The facade fulfills a similar function from the outside. A a little bit declining terrain is leveled with ramps in the corridor.

Atrium | Art school Smi �any

The practical design from the building demonstrates normally presented thought of ease – brick surfaces and wooden roof joists at the minimal – 6% slope for just a trapezoidal roofing. The dynamics with the composition is reached by your convergence, divergence and mutual overlaping and is particularly tuned by oblique gable walls and also the size in the building. The fundamental color system is cold – white, blue, green. The key entrance is accented in orange, but colour can change. The prominent fascade is decorated with pupil’s paintings.

Location: Smizany, Slovakia
Architect: Atrium
Project: 2002
Realization: 2004
Authors: Dusan Burak, Michal Burak, autorska spolupraca Ctibor Reiskup
Investor: Dr.Ing.Dezider Eugen Strauch + Obec Smizany
Costs: 330192 EUR
Build-up area: 640 m²

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