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i29 l internal architects | Social workplace Combiwerk

Combiwerk Delft is really a Social Workplace (SW) business and offers custom do the career to individuals who, callable with a physical, psychological or psychological limitation, are certainly not competent to locate a frequent job. Besides these limitations, the options and skills are especially looked at.

A beneficial deal has changed and as well the emphasis recently may be shifted a lot more to re-integration on the typical do the job force. The job centre (career rectangle) is now far more critical with respect to workplaces. Training is offered and tests are completed inside kitchen’s while while inside the firm restaurant, the maintaining assistance along with all the business corporation. Assembling, sorting and packing are carried out in conjunction with the workplaces.

i29 l internal architects | Social workplace Combiwerk

Green and environmental services may be also a major branch from the social workplace. The ambitious mind-set with this company is striking. There is really a strong, positive culture. The new construction was supposed to clearly reflect this. Despite the restrained sources and an obvious would like to get a sober approach, the developing and decoration was mandated to radiate high quality.

It been required to express awareness and involvement, as a way to stimulate an expression of pride in its consumers. An environment that helps that important function will be completed here, with special men and women.

i29 l internal architects | Social workplace Combiwerk

Secret back garden
The constructing was made by VMX Architects and features a complete covering aspect of 8500 m2. For the internal, which includes 4000m2 of office spaces, an agency restaurant, the career square, access approaches which include a lobby, i29 interior architects was consulted. The middle living area can be a sizable atrium in which the restaurant, the career square plus the reception are situated.

The developing by itself is really a entirely closed, grey monolithic layout. The identical grey is likewise observed from the walls, floors and ceilings with each on the interior. When you come in, you’re astonished by colorful islands, which can be inserted readily from the place and which only indicate themselves while in the event you get into the premises.

In an almost fairytale-like way, the building includes a secret garden full of colour and vitality, which is, of course, a amazing reference for your contrast between external appearances and internal richness.

i29 l interior architects | Social workplace Combiwerk

Colourful islands
People in a lot of cases are pigeon-holed or wind up like that unintentionally. Such a ‘box’ is only a part with the account and generally you can find several nuances. This was the basic to make the develop theme to i29. Everyone at Combiwerk is special and special, nuanced and varied.

We have translated this theme in the interior within an abstract way. The custom-designed your home furniture possesses many ‘boxes’ where every consumer (so to speak) can convey to his own storyline. In various design nuances and variation possibilities, jointly with the carpets, they kind colorful islands within an otherwise grey planet.

i29 l interior architects | Social workplace Combiwerk

Most the customers possess a psychological or mental limitation, to your slighter or higher degree, and so are for that reason often very connected with their surroundings and routines (this was shown in interviews we conducted). We were planning to build a completely new environment for many who generally usually are not fond of alter.

That is why a crucial place of departure in the design was that, in tandem with the many fresh things, old and authentic essentials also was required to revert. This led us towards selection of more than 200 different second-hand wooden chairs that were refurbished and re-used. Not only can every person pick their favorite chair, these may also be a great analogy for that various the distinctive individuals occupying the space.

i29 l interior architects | Social workplace Combiwerk

i29 l interior architects | Social workplace Combiwerk

i29 l interior architects | Social workplace Combiwerk

Social involvement
A social workplace have to remain social; which was the beginning level for those the events included. Social involvement was therefore the primary theme in the design and realization on various levels. At the degree in the design, we aimed for empowerment by setting up a serious and distinguished interior. Not a nondescript backwater building, but some thing sparkling, colorful and unique.

We hope that this tends to contribute to your sensation of pride in the customers. In view of sustainability, where possible, we aimed for recycling and re-use. All the wooden chairs in the atrium were bought second-hand and refurbished by another SW-company, the same as each of the furniture for the 4000m2 office space, including desks, chairs, cabinets and filing drawers.

A new colorful top level was applied towards the re-used furniture so construct y are as good as new and also fit beautifully in to the color spectrum in combination with the carpets.

Interior architect: i29 l interior architects
Architect: VMX Architects
Client: Combiwerk Delft
Size: 8500 m2
Photos interior: i29 | interior architects
Photos exterior: Ronald Tilleman

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