Sophisticated Andy Bedroom Assortment by Jesse


The Andy Bedroom Assortment by Jesse, sets a new paradigm in bedroom ensemble collection with its sleek, classy and sophisticated designing. The scintillating layout brings forth the designers philosophy of heeding worth to the attributes of lightness, airiness and crisp contemporary geometry.


The Andy Collection by Jesse, boasts of an oval evening stand and a storage unit with three oval drawers, structured out of wood particleboard and MDF panels, obtainable in matt lacquered or gloss lacquered external finishes and soft internal finishes.

A colossal variety of offered colours lends a liberal decision to the buyers who can choose from the variety, primarily based on their personal alternatives. The oval night stand measures W. 580/22¾” X D. 480/19″ X H. 300/11¾”and the storage unit measures W. 580/22¾” X D. 480/19″ X H. 904/35½”, each exhibiting brilliant proportions, offering way to gorgeous aesthetics.

The Andy Assortment stands the check of time with its attributes of solidity and sturdiness spelled out loud with the cutting edge execution methods employed to fabricate it.


The soft, curvaceous forms of the Andy’s Bedroom Assortment adds a soft romantic charm to your bedroom, making it a delightfully calming room. So in purchase to add an essence of dynamism, charm and a picturesque high quality to your residing space, getting Andy’s is going to be an idealist choice.

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