Spain Apartment Interior Design by Egue & Seta


Egue & Seta have designed the inside on condo in Santa Caterina, Spain. Throughout story the configuration inside the dwelling system has undergone modifications rational development of construction and criminal court behavior of its inhabitants have expected. However, this development stylistic level, far from currently staying linear, continues that they are punctuated by flashes of good anxiety or heavy nostalgia innovative revisionist.

That is why today, as soon as still left powering the raging development futuristic hyper-technological aesthetic and austere silence minimalist move from the century, to realize a really modern day, need to vacation resort to push with a blended vernacular essentials and standard, seriously connected about the initial constructing, coupled using the latest kinds of existing and inhabiting the region.

In the house of Santa Caterina is reflected unequivocally contemporary place is blurring, amongst others, the edge between the public and personal spheres from your household. Such is possible of that conceal getting opaque border regions and confidential support, hopelessly separated with the friendly rooms.

Thus, this re-interpretation during the common ground Example, as opposed to articulated by way of a broker, elects as an alternative to change approximately a sizable kitchen area, which created within the aged fashioned cement flooring tiles, is supplied being an area with seriously ethnical and amusement vocation above its easy operation and service model.

Crossing the ground longitudinally, the kitchen comprises a 3rd on the ground division in the home plus it can be gives thanks with their balconies, their shelves-sofa altered into banks, their wide table built from wooden and sturdy nature; their seats and fixtures Contemporary style your old apothecary dresser wrought metal and marble, and its talent home equipment concealed guiding a facade of wooden recuperation reside turns into the stylistic overview of home and important huge area or place, deeply extroverted and hedonistic housing makes this representation living area to a brand new way of life.

Around the good kitchen and dining space are arranged, inside the direction of clockwise and with no proposing just cross throughout spaces, a toilet attendant courtesy, an outdoor space with restroom and balcony, a living place with likelihood of being transformed into guest area, the manage bed room with its particular bathroom, and gain access to towards the inside courtyard of the farm in whose partitions blanketed in ivy gain visually hyperlink it with other inside gardens recreated in the building.

Avoiding the transition spaces: hallways, “halls” and aisles separated by partitions, you receive yourself a basic sensation of openness advances uniform propagation of normal illumination and ventilation, even though to some level resignation strict concealment zones “intimate” I useful to be in opacity, shadows, and specialized spaces constrained volume.

That is why the rooms of this house hold, but is commonly closed immediately immediately after towering double doors adorned with conventional moldings and material handles, can only receptive spherical the bathrooms by transparencies and reflections presented by two major household gardens bordered by huge windows produced amount lacquered woodwork. Consequently, the bathrooms are dealt with the following as rest areas that should benefit from the breadth plus the recommended lights that usually stays only take pleasure in much more sociable.

However, discretion just isn’t sacrificed at all: The curtain produced because of the bamboo bed sheets seed inhabiting successive inner gardens achieves make sure transparency of magnifier, giving the consumer the important concealment not having sacrificing brightness or amplitude. Marble recovery; bright magnifying glaas mosaic with fifty percent round rounded corners, fittings and stain-free fittings, great transparent glass partitions and new partitions a vibrant environment friendly seed ultimately place several occasions traditional hygienic presenting very tiny in revert great convenience and originality.

In the lounge, bright light leather-based sofa and real ranges in the airplane is reduced dyed a deep turquoise by wallpaper linking, on the best flank, the visible texture mosaic Escher hydraulic striped with restored wooden beams in the Catalan vault threshold.

From below i will discuss illuminated by directional light, furnishings and decor how the business owners are already choosing progressively over take a trip all-around the globe and walks in the local region of Borne, progressively customizing the space and which makes it more and more different and welcoming.

In this area without having TV you possibly can watch pictures planned onto a white-colored wall to be a showcase is devoid of decoration, although central starting doors edge cabinet, the place will become a 3rd area for visitors to display the double folding which is unknown interior your mind together, bedside furniture and perusing recessed lighting. On the sides, and soon after porvencal style doors painted white, hides the deal with console of audiovisual equipment, while offering space for safe-keeping of records, films, and lingerie.

Project – Living by the market

Designers – Egue & Seta, Daniel Pérez + Felipe Araujo

Area – 110m2

Completed date – 2012

Location – Santa Caterina – Borne (Barcelona)

Photographers – Víctor Hugo  and Mauricio Fuertes

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