Spectacular Easter Table Setting Design Ideas

Easter ideas

This is an example of a truly beautiful and rather spectacular Easter table setting.  The theme is quite clearly based on gorgeous Easter chickens.  This is well worth recreating, but to get the same impact you will have to be prepared to take time in planning and preparing this super setting for your Easter celebrations.

Beautiful Easter decoration

 Also, this could be a relatively expensive decorative theme to set up as it relies on obtaining very realistic looking Easter chick models and these do not come cheap!  Forgive the play on words but it couldn’t be resisted.  At first glance the chickens on the table look so realistic, one could be forgiven for thinking that they were the product of taxidermy, but thankfully that is not the case.

Spring Easter ideas

So even if the weather outside should turn out to be a little gloomy this gorgeous table will radiate its own sunshine and bring into the house an appropriate sense of the freshness of spring.  This is a cheerful and uplifting decorative scheme that will put all that attend the Easter feast in good spirits.  The table contains numerous traditional symbols of Easter, spring and rebirth but presented in a particularly imaginative and contemporary manner.

The featured photographs focus on particularly interesting aspects of this spectacular Easter table, highlighting those elements that make the decorative scheme particularly sophisticated and successful.

For example

  • The table includes obvious Easter symbols, but these are subtly presented and not too obtrusive
  • The placing of the various  elements is quite natural looking and well balanced
  • The table will evoke the mood of  spring and sunny weather
  • Although the palettes is colorful it remains quite muted and gentle on the eye
  • References to nature and the repeated use of natural materials and objects add to the subtlety and naturalism of the decorative scheme

How to Recreate this Spectacular Easter table

Beautiful decoration for Easter

Firstly study the photographs carefully and list all the elements required to set up a similar table.  For the more unusual objects such as the chick figures (or ducklings), you may need to spend some time researching where to get these from.  Also other less common elements are the unusual table runner, egg shell vases, nests, and the miniature straw bales that some of the chicks stand on.  However, it is conceivable that the last two items could be made from twigs and rafia.

The gallery photographs have been displayed in sections which concentrate on specific stages of this table’s creation.  This will help you to organize the construction of a similar scene for your Easter festivities. There is a section showing: a general view of the table, followed by the place settings, delightful Easter ornamentation and the lovely eggshell flower arrangements

Easter decoration ideas

For each place setting, make a nest using a bunch of flexible thin twigs. These may be twisted and woven loosely together and each nest is secured with wire. Once the nest is ready place one of your small chickens in it and set this on a yellow plate.  For each of your guests sit a natural or artificial daisy head on a circle of yellow felt then tie these onto a white napkin with natural twine.

Decoration ideas for Easter table

It is really desirable that you find chicks that have natural looking colors as they won’t look so good if they are too bright. As an alternative to chickens you might want to use some duckling models. If you are able to find chick ornaments that already have shells then all you need to do is to arrange them, as shown in the pictures. If not, try and find chicks or ducklings that are the right size to fit into natural eggshells.

Beautiful Easter decoration ideas

For each flower arrangement, place a damp floral foam block or sponge inside an eggshell.  Then trim your flowers to size and arrange a few blooms in each foam block. Add dry twigs and foliage to these to complete each small display.

There is of course plenty of scope for you to personalize your spectacular Easter table setting.  As the pictures and instructions here show, there are many ways for you to improvise with the basic idea.


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