Spectacular House NA Design by Sou Fujimoto

Architecture, Unique White Curtain With Glass Wall And Variation White Wooden Material And White Lamp Also White Stair: Stunning House NA from Sou Fujimoto

A task of the House NA has been completed efficiently by Sou Fujimoto Architects, a Tokyo-based studio. This house is built with three stories in 1 of residential district of Tokyo, Japan.

This building is made to answer the customers who want to have a house. They, nonetheless, didn’t mention particularly what their dream home seem like. As a result, the studio manufactured the home with radical outlook although it’s designed naturally.

Many rooms are produced most likely book shelf with glasses as its material. Therefore, most of residents’ activities can be observed. Each and every space has its personal functions that will accommodate residents’ wants although staying at house. This constructing effectively saves the size as it doesn’t spend much the ground.

Every stage on its level has numerous rooms that can be functioned nicely, which includes carport. Terraces are found on the second and third floors. In the second floor, there is a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and residing room. Following cooking and preparing the meals, you are able straight to dining area without having any problems. You can gather with household in dining space while enjoying panoramic views outdoors from terrace.

Coming to the prime of the home, third level, you will locate some rooms this kind of as library room. You can read through the guide comfortably since it has minimalist space with substantial shelf. This library room is offered also sofa and table. There is bedroom, bathroom, laundry area, and two elements of terraces.

All furniture and designs are mostly covered by white colour in order to generate the rooms seem more substantial than its original dimension. Decorations and ornaments are place artistically. Fantastic illumination is proven by its lamps that can be managed well so it will be different colors.

Cupboard is developed floating and hanging in the other floor for maximizing the dimension of the property. House NA can be a reference to the city or country which has density population as this house develops its rooms through generating some levels very.

Architecture, Green Plant On The White Floor And White Wall With Glass Material Also Variation White Wooden: Stunning House NA from Sou Fujimoto

Architecture, Glass Window Combined With White Wooden Variation And Blue Car Beside With Gray House With Cocrete Brick Material: Stunning House NA from Sou Fujimoto

Architecture, Squared Model Of House With Glass Material Variation With White Wooden Material Also Many Plants On The White Pot: Stunning House NA from Sou Fujimoto

Architecture, White Stair And White Floor With Wooden Material Combined With Glass Window And White Wooden Variation: Stunning House NA from Sou Fujimoto

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