Spin Lamp Design by Johanna Tammsalu


Designer Johanna Tammsalu has developed the Solid Spin Lamp Collection from ceramic. The Solid Spin Lamp series grew is derived series of tests that I built with day-to-day items that is discovered in everyone’s household. These things ended up shoes, looking through glasses, books, mugs, jugs, forks, remotes, and so forth.

I was fascinated using the models which will be created by simply spinning these stuff. I took pictures and video that has a slow shutter for being able to capture these new forms. These experiments lead in fragile, ghost like shapes that had been created up of layers.


I wasn’t quite satisfied while using outcomes and started to wonder how could I make the outlines a lot more clear as well as the shapes more sound. I was excited about strength, not fragility therefore I determined to work out what taken place if I moved an item around its’ own axis after which an axis of my own preference.

I tested things by on their own and also in groups when they ended up stacked over one another. This resulted in interesting solid groundbreaking shapes with fantastic external point. If the solids were being being to be cut wide open within the middle, the contour on the initial object will be apparent.


I was exited while using the outcomes because I realized that you can find endless alternatives. I could make fruit bowls from fruit, lamp insures from light bulbs, a stool outside of shoes and a great deal more. After the shapes were created I looked for styles that best in connection with every single other, but were designed is derived different elements (objects).

I wanted them to communicate similar visual language to be able to obtain a little lamp variety. I changed the scale of every chunk to build just the right family. The Keys, Shoes and Glasses lamps were born from an activity with spinning every single day objects.




Ceramic made within the switch
Painted with Bosa colours: glossy grey, peacock red, dim blue.
Size: High 300 – 400 mm, bottom diameter 350 – 500 mm

Designer: Johanna Tammsalu

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