Spiry Spiral Lighting Design Ideas

Spiry, Luminous Spiral axo light spiry1

Ironic and playful: a spiral of light, almost just as the spinning top released while in the air. Spiry can certainly be a hanging lamp strongly characterized by its diffuser: created in bright white painted aluminium, the diffuser is light and slender, like a soft muscle which is wrapped round the light knowing the usually wish to continue spinning with spiral movements to accentuate the light the way it escapes downwards.

Spiry’s variety is simple and elegant in its visual effect, yet incredibly intricate to build. It is suited to light many different spaces in the home and, at exactly the identical time, has learned how for being a discrete protagonist of its surrounding natural environment. A hint of irony? The fiery red cable television that supports the light, rendering it nicely fresh and modern.

Spiry, Luminous Spiral axo light spiry2

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