Split Wood Lamps Design by Paul Foeckler

Few man-produced stuff can compare for the extreme wonder of design, but at occasions mankind can improve nature’s loveliness. Paul Foeckler of Split Grain takes gorgeous portions of California cypress bushes and becomes them into lamps and lights.

The fusion of nature and technology usually boost at the same time. The complex lines, knots, indentations and markings around the tree slices are illuminated ethereally from the gentle inside, pretty much as though some kind of living manner experienced made a secure property during the tree.

The lamps are 50 % sculpture and fifty percent furnishing, but Split Grain also generates portions which might be absolutely nothing but sculpture. The sculptures also use slices of California cypress trees and shrubs supported by metal. He will not alter the wood much; rather, he purely slices them and arranges these slices, departing most health of their natural manner although transforming them into lovely contemporary minimalist sculptures.

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