Standing Rice Scoop Design Ideas

position rice scoop problem-solved design

Where does one commonly place your rice scoop? This standing rice scoop independent by oneself easy methods to placed this modest kitchen area appliance anywhere. I am sure that commonly you placed your rice scoop in the rice cooker. But that may causing a trouble, it turn out to be too hot to tackle.

With this standing rice scoop, problem solved, you’ll be able to put standing rice scoop near rice cooker without contamination because won’t ever come near probably dirty kitchen surfaces, give convenient access, and space preserving (like if you ever usually put your old rice scoop in bowl of water).

This standing rice scoop has an embossed area to prevent sticking, to help you scoop any starches besides rice, just like smashed potatoes. Manufactured by MARNA, you possibly can buy this great standing rice scoop below.

Standing rice scoop small kitchen appliance
new design standing rice scoop

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