Standing Screen Design by Alisa Newey of Old Made Creative

innovative free standing screen three dimensional form

This free position screen made from line of folding panels of curve assembly with three dimensional screen designs. Not only turn out to be great area divider, or create level of privacy of specified internal space, this innovative free standing screen may be utilized as financial commodities showcase as part of your boutique, or cafe or anything at all. Beside of that, this innovative free standing screen part, the folding panels could be wall installed and applied as being a feature wall panel.

free standing screen folding panels series
cool room divider three dimensional structure
products display free standing screen design

Made from recycled materials, this free standing screen deliver three materials choice: X-board from recycled papers, echo-panel textile board, and timber patchwork. Beside of that, the materials might be customized with articles and or graphic on one or equally part. Designed by Alisa Newey of Old Made Creative.

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