Stuart Weitzman Store Design by Fabio Novembre


Milan-based custom Fabio Novembre, made the Stuart Weitzman Store in Rome, Italy.

Description from Fabio Novembre

“They searched and poked approximately my closets, seeking skeletons, but, thank God, all they observed were being boots or footwear, marvelous shoes or boots,” smiled Imelda Marcos, the original First Lady from the Philippines.

Imelda Marcos eradicated the emotions of guilt in most a lot of women who, like Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex as well as the City”, now uninhibitedly flaunt their fetish stuff.

Shoes are an ideal cutting-edge project: an item of outstanding layout developed at a mere item right into a item of need. Clothes tend not to adapt to modifications towards the body, but shoes usually suit the ft that acquire and have on them: possibly that’s why women enjoy Stuart Weitzman.

When Stuart requested me to design locations for displaying the shoes he designs, I quickly regarded special bins wrapped up, “Christo style”, like item bins for his customers, with an uninterrupted ribbon that works all alongside the space, making walkways on which the shoes trace vectors of need.



Designer: Fabio Novembre

Photography: Alberto Ferrero

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