Stunning Aged Wood Flooring Design by Flaviker

living room floor ceramic wood tiles

The look of aged wood in a residence – regardless of whether it’s on the floors or walls – can give a kind of sophisticated rustic character to the area. But, as anybody with hardwood floors is aware of, taking care of wood is challenging perform. Italian manufacturer Flaviker has a brilliant line of ceramic tiles that seem just like actual wood.

wood like ceramic tiles dakota

wood tiled kitchen

The Dakota line is meant to look like aged alder wood. The floor planks are remarkably reasonable, even featuring wormwood holes, knots, and scratches. The distinction is that the Dakota planks are smooth, simpler to clean, and won’t suffer nearly as much as genuine wood when you make a decision to drag the sofa from one particular finish of the living room to the other.

wood bathroom

sink backsplash

Flaviker’s tiles also permit a all-natural wood search in areas that actual wood basically couldn’t go. The tiles are waterproof so they can line a shower or act as a sink backsplash with no warping and rotting.

bathtub backsplash

dakota wood look ceramic tiles

Until you get up really close to the tiles, it is nearly impossible to inform that they are not actual wood. They are reasonable adequate to search charmingly rustic, but they are fuss-cost-free and simple to sustain – a high quality that most house owners would get in excess of true wood any day.

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