Stunning Sloping Site House Design by eStudio Galera

stunning sloping site house design architecture

Sloping land positioned hundred meters within the seashore afforded an inspiring concept for the architecture and house-plan of this sloping site house. 4-storey sloping site house built, as well as semi-buried room or space and open-plan entertaining location on the premium to have obvious views of sea and encompassing setting. Level big difference concept embodied in gain access to scenario gives exclusive sloping site house design.

Level difference concept sloping site house design
cladding exterior combination sloping site house design
floating-field building sloping site house design
4-storey sloping site house architecture
semi-buried volume sloping site house design
rear landscape sloping site house exterior design
split-level swimming-pool outdoor house feature
large rectangular swimming-pool landscape house design
complete swimming-pool design outdoor house entertainment location

The frontage exterior architecture of this sloping site house actually is inspiring and has dramatic-sculptural type. Sinuosity stairs, fish pond beneath column, supported column of although box quantity (second-level with the house), and stone wall that insure up swimming pool, and floating box building combination really stunning.

Between semi-buried volume, swimming pool, and first-level, spatial level house-plan made. The spatial level produced to offer indoor-outdoor setting.

varied swimming-pool decking sloping-site house
frontage landscape sloping site house design
sinuosity stairs exterior sloping site house design
pond concept frontage landscape sloping house design
interesting front-pond landscape house exterior
rustic fire wood structure outdoor prime-roof
outdoor top roof concept house strategy
clear-views outdoor sheltered terrace house design

Semi-buried volume perfectly concealed from street-level, due to the fact that the frontage exterior architecture styles. Both facet of semi-buried volume blanketed by garden landscape. First-level volume clad with brick-stone wall. Second-level white box volume in white. And last, the very best volume has rusty wood cladding.

What attractive exterior of sloping site house design architecture realized. The inside of this sloping site house also has combination looks and elements. Raw concrete floor floor floor slabs surfaces coupled with whiteness surfaces.

Certain point supplies applied, for instance structural magnifier floor, crescent appearance sofa, built-in concrete fireplace black pipes, and many others. The built-in concrete fireplace also functioned as partition involving living and eating area. Designed by eStudio Galera.

structural glass floor detailed building materials
open-plan glazed walls and glass floor
split-level open-plan living interior
crescent shaped-sofa modern interior elements
indoor-outdoor living room interior concept
built-in concrete fireplace as partition detail
double-height interior living room program
detailed hanging lamp raw concrete wall interior
modern dining interior elements sloping house design
sleek kitchen design interior sloping site house

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