Stylish MyKitty Furniture Design by Marta Pietrusiak

The Important of Cat Scratchers and Cat Furniture

For you, cat lovers, it truly is best for you to maintain that cute little paws away through your fixtures, carpet, sofa or potentially just every little thing the build could scratch on. They do look cute but often can wreck every day time. Imagine if you happen to be sitting attempting to place your make up on for any Saturday night or wedding experience day and suddenly your cat sits on you and start tearing your dress into portions. That circumstances undoubtedly is unbearable.

myKitty Cat Furniture by Marta Pietrusiak

Today you don’t ought to worry by that any longer and it is thank you for the Polish artist Marta Pietrusiak. Marta developed myKitty, cat furniture, some labeled it pet real estate, to assist your cat settle straight down and delight in their content time. Using a modern notion the designer produced not merely cat homes but a furniture which can often be a multifunctional 1.

Cat Furniture Details

Your pet can applied it as cat beds or scratchers. You usually do not ought to obtain sole furniture that comes only with a function. This home is from corrugated cardboard with curve models. Available in two types termed LUI and VIGO. The curviness can assist your cat adjust its back again and allow them to scratch and mingle on it. This pet furniture painted in white and as well obtainable in healthy color.

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