Sugamo Shinkin Bank Branch Design by Emmanelle Moureaux


Emmanelle Moureaux has created the Ekoda branch throughout the Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokyo, Japan. Sugamo Shinkin Bank can be a credit scores union that strives to produce first-rate hospitality to its customers in compliance with its motto: “we carry pleasure in serving content customers”.

Ekoda will be the forth branch (third for planning overall developing) Emmanuelle Moureaux designs, responding towards client’s expectation: “creating a bank the customers feel happy to visit”.


The internet site is based from a commercial district with several stores. The site’s closeness on the town’s hobbies – also the heavy traffic and narrow sidewalk – influenced the architect to exhibit this proximity in the building by merging the exterior and inside.


The building is offset approximately two metres from the property line, plus the timber-decked peripheral living area is crammed up with colourful nine metre-tall sticks. These 29 exterior sticks, reflected within the transparent glazed fa

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