Sunset Plaza Residence Design by Belzberg Architects

The Sunset Plaza Residence is a clustered 13,023 sf estate positioned on a steep hillside website in Los Angeles, CA. The website strategy combines current sloped terrain with flat, stepped areas to enable a dichotomous and seemingly contradictory experience in which expansive views and nestled intimacy coexist.

Flatter moments support create an estate truly feel even though the architectural components higher over actively frame views (obliquely) under resulting in an chance for feeling both over the website itself and encased by the web site environs. This duality extends throughout the idea in which views take area from within the buildings searching out, even though views searching into the buildings are obscured.

Furthermore, the programmatic factors allow for the two an extroverted enjoyment life style alongside an introverted and protected family setting by sequentially locating each element to attain a complexity of sensation. The garage/recreation area acts as a buffer amongst the densities of neighboring residences to enable a gradient of privacy. Additional away, the entryway axis types a spatial delineation among public and private space.

Belzberg Architects Modern Interior

Belzberg Architects Plaza Residence

Entryway Sunset Plaza Residence

modern interior design

Modern Interior Sunset Plaza Residence

Sunset Plaza Residence Backyard

Sunset Plaza Residence Bathroom

Sunset Plaza Residence Exterior

Sunset Plaza Residence Interior Design

Sunset Plaza Residence Interior

Sunset Plaza Residence Living Room

Sunset Plaza Residence Open Bedroom

Sunset Plaza Residence Outdoor Pool

Sunset Plaza Residence Pathway

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