Building materials

Residence Prefab Precision by ARKit


ARKit’s prefabricated wall panels made even this addition to an historic residence on a modest site painless. These interlocking panels with integral insulation and wood or plaster interiors are precisely crafted for large performance.

Employing usually undervalued short lengths of timber, in this case red cedar, the sustainably sourced lumber also is inherently pest and rot resistant. In this Melbourne, Australia residence the building addition, interior and exterior, was factory created and assembled on web site.

The new kitchen, living, and dining area rest on a concrete slab, heated to warm its exposed aggregate. A double height unit joins the authentic property with its modern yet respectful expansion.

Francis Bell House Design by Parsonson Architects Ltd

Parsonson Architects Ltd | Francis Bell House

The site is positioned in Eastbourne, a seaside suburb situated throughout Wellington harbor from Wellington, New Zealand’s funds town. Large rows of hills surround the harbor on two sides location up a varied and intriguing topography.

The premises is steep and borders a sizable part of indigenous bush source and it is only by available by measures and cable television vehicle. It sits excessive preceding additional residences inside the region and it is surrounded by bush and birdsong.

OLS House Design by J. Mayer H. Architects


J.Mayer H. Architects have intended the OLS House next to Stuttgart, Germany. The new home is using a plot of land near Stuttgart, which includes a hillside with a generous view with all the valley. The masters sought a meaningful home that could bring this view to life even on the inside with the making. The house is from a residential location with conventional developments, the majority of which time in the 1960s.

Metal Walls Decoration

In wall coverings allows the experience that it was seen the whole thing. Do not you’re thinking that? From wallpaper all types, designs, textures and patterns, towards most outstanding painting approaches. And of course, ceramics: that wonderful material that makes it possible for surprising finishes .

Well right now we’ll loop the loop and choose a material which just isn’t normally employed to coat the partitions on the houses. We are referring for the material, in particular in brilliant polished look. Because you will find new coatings that may decorate the areas on the home from a very entirely futuristic and chopping edge.

The Spa Series by Ceragres

The Spa line exclusively at Ceragres

A new mosaic is moving into the scene 1 of the wide variety of remedies provided at Ceragres. The SPA cycle shines as a consequence of its beauty, durability, hand-crafted production, refined palette of colours, and aesthetic range. Cutting-edge and by using a excellent quality, this course is usually used to each internal and exterior partitions. “The SPA fixed is often a should for your cooking area or shower appointments…