Chair Furniture Design

Wood Lounge Chair Furniture Design by Urban Lounge

Urban Lounge

A new guide for urban communities to load the house furnishings to incorporate to all your comfort, urban lounge to stun you which designed by Scott Collins. Lounge chair by Urban Lounge built from wooden and so are eco friendly, this was produced especially to out of doors.

RBM Noor Chair Furniture Design by Form Us With Love

RBM Noor Chair form us with love rbm noor chair4

Built on the molded chair with four several leg structures, the ‘RBM Noor’ chair by Stockholm-based studio Form Us With Love results in greater than fourteen different configurations open to dismantle and recycle. The flexibility carefully brings the chair with a fresh degree of usability.

Peg Chair Furniture Design by Nendo


Nendo have intended a chair called Peg for Cappellini. A chair with again legs like wooden stakes that pierce the sides with the backrest.

The stakes give the backrest a nipped-in curve which gives corporation lower back again assistance and comfy seating in spite of its small capacity. A sweetly-sized lounge chair encouraged by ‘supermini’ automobiles much like the Fiat 500 and sensible automobiles that quickly navigate Milan’s streets.

Designer: Nendo
Manufacturer: Cappellini

Futuristic Melting Chair Furniture Design by Phillipp Aduatz


When fine art, architecture, and art fiction collide, things may get fairly messy (in an excellent way). Meet the Melting Chair. This distinctive do the job of art by Phillipp Aduatz seriously isn’t your average element of pieces of furniture.

Resembling what appears in the form of futuristic meltdown, the Melting Chair is created from a glass fibers strengthened polymer that has a mirror like scratch immune silver and polyurethane laqure coating.

Aduatz’s objective in producing the Melting Chair was to ‘capture a transient transformation with a sculptural object’, which was attained by knowing the creation of liquids and melting of solids.

Self-Destructing Chair Furniture Design by Les Sugus

In a culture where most client objects are deemed considerably disposable, this indicates almost unthinkable to intentionally use an item that you just realize is only going to survive a amount of employs. The DRM Chair is usually a seat that self-destructs immediately following becoming utilised eight instances.

The DRM Chair was intended by the business of recent and ex- University of Art and Design Lausanne young people contacting themselves Les Sugus. They were being participating from the paintings and engineering level of competition generally acknowledged as The Deconstruction.