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Prestige Mirror Design by Duende Studio

Duende Studio | 'Prestige' mirror

‘In everything of magic Prestige will be the conclusion of the trick, the moment in time when the viewers is captured. Like an illusionist, your notion will likely be deceived by this mirror making use of an anamorphic ‘trick’: on the front, it really is just a conventional circular mirror, but from your diverse mindset an extra perform is revealed, a level of wood, a position on your modest belongings,’ Fanny Dora.

Duende Studio | 'Prestige' mirror

Duende Studio | 'Prestige' mirror

Producer: Duende Studio
Project name: ‘Prestige’ mirror
Materials: glass, ash
Design: Fanny Dora
Dimensions: ø seventy-five cm
Year: 2013
Made: in Europe
Photos: Felipe Ribon

Black Oak Carved Leaves Accent Wood Mirror Decoration

great design black oak carved leaves accent on naturaly finished pine wood mirror Great Design Black Oak Carved Leaves Accent On Naturaly Finished Pine Wood Mirror
Black Oak Carved Leaves Accent Wood Mirror Decoration according to my point of view is definitely beautiful and trendy black wood.

The whole black wood design fusion among color, material ingredient, planning organization and black wood fabrication technique was so terrific.The design focus this Black Oak Carved Leaves Accent Wood Mirror Decoration I think is to build good-looking black wood design.

The black wood designer try to put unique design idea on whole performance by infiltrating color, available material and design synchronization into a union to built amazing black wood. Individually as house architecture design lover, I adore the whole design of the Black Oak Carved Leaves Accent Wood Mirror Decoration composition.

Luxury Wall Mirror Design

Magnificent Luxury Wall Mirror Magnificent Luxury Wall Mirror
Magnificent luxurious wall mirror transport restful policy contain color distribution, factor grouping, blending artwork and style engagement and style and style and artwork program scheme, which the whole aspect mix in the party to compose fabulous high-class wall.

Next luxurious wall artwork outline usually was bring surprising feelings to surroundings encircling that’s formed with extremely produced style and style and artwork and style and style and style.

Magnificent high-class wall mirror visualizations spotless stability, undeformed shapes, and accomplish ease compose this inspire luxurious wall as certainly just one among admirable design hint. After appear heading towards magnificent quality wall mirror picture meticulously it’s possible you’ll get different new enthusiasm to become realized all with your individual design.